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Chapter 1

Day 1

Chapter 1: All You Need to Know About the Derivatives Market (Futures Market)
Chapter 2: Understand How Price relation to Demand & Supply

Day 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Technical Analysis Crash Course

Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1

For the third session, we will go through the foundation of Technical Analysis (TA). Unlike conventional TA courses, we will examine the practical uses as well as the strength & weakness of TA.

Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2

In the final session, the emphasis will be on the application of technical indicators, trend & chart analysis.

Fifth meeting

It’s time to get started.The fifth session is intended to capture the audiences’ minds and create a new experience for them, like a humorist, sculptor or painter.But with one big difference - and the difference is that we will solve their problems at the same time by targeting users with product design. The fifth session is actually the beginning of the user experience design process, where we will learn about the concepts of user-centered design and data-driven design.

sixth session

Today, the world is a world of interaction, in the sixth session we understand users trying to find the best way to interact with them and bring the emotions, perceptions, and awareness of the users to the forefront.
We will explore the concept of Interaction Design and also explore it in terms of user experience design, usability and intuitive interface design. In the second part of the sixth session, we go into marketing and practice the marketing strategy of digital products together, as well as discussing the appropriate digital marketing toolkit.

Seventh session

In the seventh session, we are in the world of product management. We will examine software companies’ structures as well as in-team and in-team interactions. In this session, we will look at the duties and characteristics of product team members as well as identify product strategies and learn about different software development methodologies. And finally, we’ll look at a product designer’s red line.

Eighth session

In this session, we will get our hands into the color, learn the basics of user interface design with colored hands, and learn about various interface design tools. We also explore the concepts and fundamentals of iconography and learn about testing the usability of icon design and finally learn the process of visualization in digital products from idea to implementation.

ninth session

In the ninth session we will continue to immerse ourselves in the world of color and image, identifying the elements of the interface and learning how to properly represent the data.
We also remotely team up with Moslem Ebrahimi, a typeface designer, and look at the typography of digital products from the perspective of someone who has had a lifetime of concern for typefaces and Persian fonts.

tenth session

In the 10th session we will start with the software and together we will learn what design software capabilities are and what ideas can be made with them and that they are not as complex as the cockpit!

"The Loftier the building, the Deeper the foundation must be"

Thomas a Kempis

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Unlike Other Courses, We Believe That Everyone Should Have Sufficient Financial Knowledge In Order To Progress Into The World Of Trading. That's Why We Are Offering A Big Discount For You!

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Technical analysis

RM 899

Fundamental analysis

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3 Months market group support on Telegram

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Traders searching for profitable trading strategies and philosophy
  • Traders encounter difficulties on maintaining consistent profits.
  • Traders who had experience on technical and fundamental knowledge and looking to learn the full foundation of futures trading
  • Basic understanding on technical analysis, financial instruments and economic will help you to adapt faster.
  • Laptop is compulsory in the course and is your tools for analysis and trading. You are required to practice the analysis while learning.

Total 4 classes, 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th in December and 3 hours each session.

Our course will be conducted in Zoom webinar. You will receive the link to join the webinar session after your registration.

We will provide the recorded video for our completed course and you can access to it anytime. But you are encouraged to attend our live classes.

  • You can apply the materials & knowledge of our course as it is applicable to the futures market as well as other financial instruments.
  • The course contents equip you with the right tools & knowledge to kick-start your trading career.
  • You can learn practical skills such as forecasting, spread trading, risk management and so much more.
  • You will gain a solid foundation in order to further expand your financial knowledge.

Any question about the course you can always reach us via WhatsApp (011-58775217) or email to

Course Fee

Unlike Other Courses, We Believe Everyone Should Have Sufficient Financial Knowledge In Order To Progress Into The World Of Trading. That's Why We Are Offering A Big Discount For You!

What can you achieve by taking this course?

RM 3,495

RM 699

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